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Ibrahim Al Najjar, Khan Younis


At approximately 3:30 am on Tuesday 29 July 2014, Israeli F16 warplanes attacked the house of Ibrahim Hassan Al Najjar without prior warning. As a result, eight people were killed and six were injured. The house was totally destroyed.

 Al Mezan identified their names as follows:

  1. Fawziya Qasem Al Najjar (81). Ibrahim's mother
  2. Mona Ismail Khamis Al Najjar (43). Ibrahim's wife
  3. Aya Ibrahim Hassan Abu Sitta (23). Ibrahim's daughter
  4. Jehad Ibrahim Hassan Al Najjar (25). Ibrahim's son
  5. Maysa Abdel Samee’ Mousa Al Najjar (18). Jehad's wife;
  6. Mona Jehad Ibrahim Al Najjar (27 days ). Maysa's daughter
  7. Mohammed Zaki Hasan Al Najjar (30). Fawziya's grandchild
  8. Hamad Yousif Hasan Al Najjar (23). Fawziya's grandchild


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