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Abu Jaber family, Al Bureij refugee camp


At approximately 11:30 pm on Tuesday 29 July 2014 an Israeli jet plane attacked the house of Hosni Mohammed Abu Jaber that is located in block 7 in the Al Bureij refugee camp in Middle Gaza district. The two-story house was totally destroyed along with two adjacent houses. As a result of the attack the Abu Jaber family members were killed as well as 9 neighbours. Al Mezan identified their names as follows:


  1. Anwar Mohammed Salem Abu Jaber (35). Anwar's brother
  2. Leena Kifah Mahmoud Abu Jaber (23). Anwar's wife
  3. Leen Anwar Mohammed Abu Jaber (3). Anwar's daughter
  4. Salma Anwar Abu Jaber (1). Anwar's daughter
  5. Anwar Mohammed Salem Abu Jaber (25). Anwar's sister
  6. Hamdan Mohammed Abu Jaber (77)
  7. Fadda Ghannam Hassan Abu Jaber (61). Hamdan's wife
  8. A’isha Hamdan Mohammed Abu Jaber (23). Hamdan's daughter
  9. Dina Hamdan Abu Jaber (26). Hamdan's daughter
  10. Sama Raed Abu Jaber (1). Dina's daughter
  11. Mohammed Raed Abu Jaber (3). Dina's son
  12. Fadel Hamdan Abu Jaber (19). Hamdan's son
  13. Jaber Hamdan Abu Jaber (27). Hamdan' son
  14. Ahmed Hamdan Mohammed Abu Jaber (36). Hamdan's son
  15. Sumaiya Abdel Rahman Abu Jaber (32). Ahmed's wife
  16. 'Hala Ahmed Hamdan Abu Jaber (4). Sumaiya and Ahmed's daughter
  17. Tuqa Salah Abu Issa (5 months)
  18. Ayman Salah Sa’eed Abu Awn (26)
  19. Ahmed Omar Sa’eed Abdel ‘Al (24)


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