Al Mezan Center For Human Rights
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Al Mezan Donor Partners in 2016



    Core Program Donors:

    The HR/IHL Secretariat.

    The Representative Office of Norway to the Palestinian Authority.

    Open Society Foundations (OSF).

    The Sigrid Rausing Trust, UK.

    ICCO & Kerkinactie, the Netehrlands.

    Medico International – Germany.


    Projects Donors:

    UNDP/PAPP: Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in Gaza.

    The European Commission: "Combating and Preventing Torture and Ill-Treatment.

    Diakonia: Monitoring of, Education on and Promotion of IHL in Gaza.

    Norwegian Refugee Council: Support to access to redress in Israel for victims in Gaza.

    Central Election Commission: Election awareness in Gaza.

    American Friends Service Committee: Educating young people on HR and IHL.