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Anita Brodéns blogg :: Mahmoud Abu Rahma i riksdagen


Mahmoud Abu Rahma in parliament
Parliamentary Israeli-Palestinian networks invited during the week, Mahmoud Abu Rahma to Parliament to inform about the situation in Gaza.

Mahmoud is active in the human rights organization Almezan.

Through documentation, litigation, and criticism as soon as human rights violations perpetrated by both Hamas and Israel, is Almezan highly respected.

Almezan lifted such forward Goldstone report and is strongly critical of the closed borders with Gaza to prevent trafficking of essential products.

Only 35 different products may be imported, no medicines, shoes or clothing.
It is smuggled in through tunnels at exorbitant prices.

7% of all water is fit, the rest is heavily polluted.
Materials for building sewage treatment plant is prohibited by the Israelis to be taken across the border.

Palestinians may apply to visit the hospital in the West Bank or in Israel.
It may take a month to get this permission.
During ansökninsförhöret has there been that patients also both been arrested and tortured.

The unemployment rate is 75-90%.

Education, health and water are the major problems.

How can this situation continue?

Should not the Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law be the starting point and the reason why the international community and democratic countries are acting on the crimes committed against these laws?

When will the world wake up to what is happening in Gaza?

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