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Police Prevents Holding Festival on International Labor Day in Rafah

01-05-2008 00:00

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2pm, on 1/5/2008, police prevented holding a festival to celebrate the International Labor's day and show solidarity with the Palestinian workers in Rafah.
The festival was suggested to be held at 6pm, on the same day in Rafah service club's hall.
The festival was called for by the National Labor Committee on the Palestine satellite channel on 30/4/2008.

The club's administration has had to cancel the festival in fear for any action that might be taken by the police to close the club under pretext that the festival was unauthorized.
The organizers of this ceremony; Fateh Movement, Democratic Union (Feda), Palestinian Popular Struggle Front, Arab Liberation Front, Palestinian Arab Front, Palestinian Liberation Front and Palestinian National Initiative issued a statement condemning this action.

Tags / #peaceful assembly