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Police Arrest Khan Younis Governor

19-05-2008 00:00

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11:30pm, on 18/5/2008, police summoned Khan Younis governor, Dr.
Osama Al Fara, from his home in Al Sheikh Nasser neighborhood.
Armed men wearing civilian clothes in three civilian cars arrived at his home.
They identified themselves as internal security and took him to the internal security building in western Khan Younis.

Al Fara mentioned to Al Mezan's field worker that the summoning was on the backdrop of organizing a festival by the governorate to honor civil institutions workers in Khan Younis at app.
11am, on 19/5/2008.

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3:30am that same day, he was released and the work in Khan Younis governorate was suspended in a protest against the summoning of Dr.
Al Fara.

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