Obliterated families

Abu 'Ayta family, Rafah (and also members of Al Neirab, and Al Manyarawi families who ‎were also killed)‎

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25 June 2015

At approximately 2:45am on Saturday 2 August 2014, an Israeli warplane fired one missile targeting the house of Bassam Mohamed Al Neirab. As a result, the house and three adjacent houses belonging to Fat’hi Abu 'Ayta, Ibrahim Al Manyarawi, and the Al Neirab family were destroyed. Eight people were killed from three families, including six children. They were identified by Al Mezan as:


  1. Arwa Mahmoud Ahmed Al Neirab (46). Bassam's wife
  2. Ibtisam Bassam Mohammed Al Neirab (12). His daughter
  3. Doha Bassam Mohammed Al Neirab (15). His daughter
  4. Ola Bassam Mohammed Al Neirab, (5). His daughter
  5. Ibrahim Fathi Abu 'Ayta, (10). Fathi's son
  6. Ahmed Fathi Abu 'Ayta(7). Fathi's son
  7. Mohammed Fathi Abu 'Ayta, (5). Fathi's son
  8. Ibrahim Mahmoud Al Manyarawi (54)