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News Brief: Al Mezan congratulates Mr. Jabarin and Mr. Sourani on their appointment as arbitrators to the Permanent Court of Arbitration


The International Bureau of Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) announced the appointment of four new members as of February 2022 for a term of six years. The new members are Prof. John Dugard, Prof. Pieter Bekker, Mr. Raji Sourani, Director of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, and Mr. Shawan Jabarin, Director of Al-Haq.


The PCA is an international arbitration mechanism designed to facilitate recourse to arbitration for international differences that cannot be settle through diplomacy. It was established by the Convention for the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes, concluded at the Hague in 1899 during the first Hague Peace Conference and later revised at the second Hague Peace Conference in 1907.


Al Mezan extends its congratulations to the newly appointed members, whose appointment represents a great honor and international recognition of the integrity and effectiveness of the work of Palestinian human rights organizations and defenders, notably in light of a relentless silencing campaign.