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Small business owners’ fear of the unknown


A 31-year-old female owner and director of a kindergarten west of Khan Younis city along with five staff members depend on this job as their only source of income. They have been experiencing bad economic conditions as their financial return became insufficient. The kindergarten’s director said,


“in the middle of March 2020 when a lockdown was imposed due to the spread of COVID-19, we accepted the decision with understanding and commitment despite of the great losses we would incur due to the lack of work. We tried to overcome this situation and we endured the crisis with the hope that in the new academic year we would pay off our accumulated debt. I was too optimistic, especially with the huge turnout of people seeking enrolment in the kindergarten. However, after the lockdown has been imposed again on 24 August 2020, I was disappointed and shocked, as the decision came after three weeks of the start of the new academic year, and we were not [financially] prepared to close the kindergarten, especially that we’re still unable to pay the overdue rent which reached 3,600 ILS. Besides that, the financial conditions of the staff are very bad. We have nothing to do but to wait until officials decide whether to extend the lockdown or live with the pandemic like other counties did. I’m very concerned that the lockdown will last for long and that we might incur heavy losses that could eventually lead us to close the kindergarten for good. I hope the pandemic recedes before we reach that stage.”

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