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Press Releases: Internal Security Force Crack Down on Peaceful Assemblies in Gaza


Since Friday,12 June 2020, the Internal Security Force (ISF) of the Ministry of Interior in Gaza has summoned and detained ten members of Fatah. The detained individuals were interrogated over social media posts calling for pubic gatherings to commemorate the death of Fatah members who were killed in the internal violence in 2007.


Al Mezan’s field investigations indicate that ISA agents arrested Fahd Abu al-Jedian, 29, at approximately 11:00pm, on Friday, as he was walking near al-Barawi Gas Station in Beit Lahia in North Gaza district. The ISF proceeded to summon and detain Diyaa Jaber, 46, Jamal al-Dahnoun, 22, Mazen Abu Zir, 46, Eisa Darwish, 42, Eyad Abu al-Jedian, 44, Mohammed al-Najjar, 31, Aqel Sheikh Khalil, 46, Emad Sheikh Khalil, 41, and Haytham Abu Fares.


Earlier on Thursday, 11 June 2020, tens of Fatah leaders and members congregated at the house of the late Fatah member Jamal Abu al-Jedian—located in the vicinity of Beit Lahia Project in North Gaza district—to commemorate his death in the politically-driven internal violence clashes in 2007.


Some of those detained and later released reported that they were interrogated about their assemblies and social media activities. Two remain in custody of the ISF at the time writing.


Al Mezan calls on competent authorities in Gaza to immediately cease all detentions and summons orders that undermines due process. Al Mezan stresses that participation in political life, whether by individuals or groups, is a fundamental right for all Palestinians, including organizing private meetings, public activities, and assemblies in accordance with the Public Meeting Law No. 12 of 1998 and with Article 26(5) in the Palestinian Basic Law.


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