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News Briefs: In a Letter to the Palestinian Minister of Health, Al Mezan Calls for Comprehensive Cancer Care for Gaza Patients


On Thursday, 11 June 2020, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights penned a letter to Dr. Mai al-Kila, the Palestinian Minister of Health, urging comprehensive support to cancer care in the Gaza Strip as the under-resourced health sector with its limited-services is jeopardizing patients’ course of treatment and, fundamentally, their right to health.  


In the letter, Al Mezan expressed concern over the deteriorating physical and mental health of an increasing number of cancer patients and their caregivers amid the shortages in healthcare services, and urged the competent authorities to set up a specialized committee to assess the situation.


Al Mezan also urged the minister to consider establishing a well-equipped oncology facility in Gaza to ensure timely diagnosis and treatment. In addition, the health sector is in dire need for investment in new medical devices for cancer management, and Gaza cancer patients  must be granted sustained access to skilled healthcare staff and essential drugs.






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