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PUBLIC FILM SCREENING Forensic Architecture: Violence, Slow and Fast

19-09-2019 11:54


Forensic Architecture: Violence, Slow and Fast

Thursday September 26, 2019

Red Crescent Theatre, Gaza City



For the first time, Forensic Architecture, will publicly screen four of its investigations at the Red Crescent Theatre in Gaza City. The four films that will be screened cover Israeli violations throughout Palestine that Forensic Architecture has investigated. Together, these films link settler colonial violence against the Palestinian people to state practices used against other anti-oppression resistance movements worldwide:


Triple-Chaser, 2019

When US border agents fired tear gas grenades at civilians, including children, photographs linked the grenades to the Safariland Group, which is owned by Warren B. Kanders, the vice chair of the board of trustees of the Whitney Museum of American Art. In response to our invitation to the Whitney, we developed machine learning classifiers to search for Safariland tear gas used against anti-oppression protests worldwide.


Destruction and Return in al-Araqib, 2018

The Bedouin village of al-Araqib has been demolished over 120 times since 1954. Each time, the villagers return. Using aerial imagery and archaeological surveys, and in collaboration with local families, we provided evidence of ongoing inhabitation top support Bedouin resistance against their dispossession by the Israeli state.


Killing in Umm al-Hiran, 2019

An Israeli police raid on an ‘illegalized’ Bedouin village in the Naqab led to the death of a Bedouin Palestinian driving his car. Police quickly blamed the man for what they called a ‘terror attack’. In this video, we exposed that the Israeli police had fired unprovoked on the innocent driver, causing him to crash into them.


Herbicidal Warfare in Gaza, 2019

Since 2014, the Israeli military clearing and bulldozing of agricultural and residential lands along the eastern border of occupied Gaza has been complemented by the unannounced aerial spraying of crop-killing herbicides. Bringing together farmer testimonies on the ground, satellite imagery, and drift analysis, we investigated the unique destructive signature of a single spraying event in April 2017 along the border in Khan Younes.


The screening will begin with a short introductory talk by Dr. Shourideh Molavi, a researcher and fieldworker with Forensic Architecture, and will be followed with questions from the audience.


About Forensic Architecture:

Based in London, Forensic Architecture is an interdisciplinary research agency that undertakes creative spatial and media investigations into cases of state and corporate violence, and human rights violations. Its work combines publicly available media data and places it in critical conversation material traces and human experience gathered through first-hand relations and testimonies.


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