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Al Mezan Center for Human Rights has finalizes the second phase of its “Pass-the-Word” program, 2004


Al Mezan Center for Human Rights has finalized the second phase of its “Pass-the-Word” program today March 25, 2004.
Student volunteers of this program have successfully completed a second training course, which focused on discussion and moderation skills amongst university students.
This follows a previous course on human rights, democracy and the rule of law that took place earlier this month.
In the next phase, the trained group of volunteers will form their own discussion groups within the universities and lead a series of 5 basic courses on human rights within the campuses.
Their work will be coordinated and supervised by the Al Mezan Training and Mass Communication Unit.
The “Pass-the-Word” program was launched by Al Mezan Center for Human Rights in 2003 to create a forum in which students from Universities in the Gaza Strip are provided the opportunity to speak freely and discuss the basic concepts related to human rights.
It is a volunteer-based program where students address other students.
For further information about this program, please consult it’s webpage at www.