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Another Israeli Invasion in the Gaza Strip

21-11-2002 00:00

The Israeli Occupation Forces penetrated the town of Abasan, east of Khan Yunis, on the night of November 20th, 2002.
Eyewitnesses told Al Mezan that about sixty Israeli tanks entered the town under helicopter cover and destroyed one house with explosives.
In addition, they broke into the offices of a number of different political factions and fired on local ambulances.
IOF tanks also entered the Farahin neighborhood, northeast of Abasan, and the neighboring towns of Khiza’a and al-Qarara fifteen minutes before midnight.
They destroyed Talal Khalil Abu Dharifeh’s home without allowing its residents to collect any of their possessions.
As a result of the explosion, Muhammad Abu Dharifeh’s home was also badly damaged.
Bulldozers flattened the fence outside it.
On the same night, IOF forces broke into three apartment buildings, including the Mitliq Building, in which the offices of Fateh Movement and the Palestinian Prisoners Association in the town are located.
They searched the two offices and confiscated computers and other equipment and records.
They broke into the office of the DFLP, located in the Abu Salah Building, and used the other two buildings’ roofs as watchtowers.
IOF forces damaged the Tawhid Mosque, the main street, and the electricity system in the town.
Medical sources reported that IOF forces targeted three ambulances.
A live bullet fired into his left leg injured Ahmad Umar Jasir, a first-aid officer.
His partner, Salim Ahmad, suffered severe trauma as a result of the incident.
In the neighboring town of Khiza’a, The IOF broke into an apartment building in which the Fateh Office was located a few months ago.
The building is owned by Walid Muhammad Abu Rijileh.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights condemns these measures of collective punishment deemed legitimate by the Israeli High Court, which approves of the destruction of property belonging to resistance members and their families.
This decision constitutes, together with targeting medical teams and ambulances, grave breaches of international humanitarian law, in particular the Fourth Geneva Convention.
The commission of these crimes would not be permitted were the international community to fulfill its obligations under this Convention.
Al Mezan calls upon the international community to intervene immediately to protect Palestinian civilians in the OPTs.
The international community is obliged to put an end to Israel’s unceasing war crimes in Palestine.

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