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Israeli Forces Attack Gaza City destroying Parts of its Security Facilities

18-11-2002 00:00

Under air cover, Israeli Occupation Forces entered the area of Tel Al Hawa, southwest of Gaza City, and broke into the Preventive Security Headquarters.
The attack damaged the Palestinian Red Crescent Society building and other private property in the area.
At approximately 10:30 pm Sunday November 17, 2002 soldiers in Israeli helicopters fired machineguns and air-to-land missiles at the Preventive Security Headquarters.
At the same time, about thirty Israeli tanks and bulldozers entered the area opening fire on the area.
Eyewitnesses told the Mezan Center that the tanks came from the Netzarim settlement just south of Gaza city.
Bulldozers destroyed the main gate of the building before soldiers broke into the offices and searched them.
Eyewitnesses from the area reported that Israeli soldiers used explosives to blow open the doors of the offices causing extensive damage throughout the building.
The random shelling by tanks and Apache and Blackhawk helicopters caused damage to numerous buildings and other private property in the vicinity including the offices of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, a restaurant under construction owned by Jamal Muhammad as-Swisi, and six motor vehicles parked in front of the Al Quds hospital.
In addition, medical first aid and emergency staff told the Center that one of their ambulances came under fire forcing the medical personnel to retreat before it could provide any assistance to a person injured in the attack.
According to medical sources, three other Palestinians were admitted to the Shifa Hospital in Gaza.
The Israeli operation lasted until 3:00 am when the tanks withdrew from the area.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights condemns the Israeli attack and asserts that such an attack is but part of a continuous and deliberate policy of aggression against the Palestinians of the OPTs.
Targeting security and Police facilities highlights Israel’s efforts to cause even greater instability in the OPTs.
As such, Al Mezan repeats its demands for immediate international intervention and protection of the Palestinian people.
The Center calls upon the international community to stop Israel’s continuous bombing of Palestinian Police facilities and rehabilitation centers.