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Al Mezan Condemns the Assaults against Journalists in Gaza City

04-11-2002 00:00

On Thursday 30 October 2002, a group of journalists were subjected to degrading treatment and were attacked physically and their equipment was damaged while they were covering an explosion that occurred in Salih Nasar’s house, located in the As-Sabra area of Gaza City.
Three people had been killed and six wounded.
Eyewitnesses said that a group of journalists from different agencies, including Palestinian TV, the Associated Press, and Reuters, were attacked in the area.
Al Mezan strongly condemns this assault and views it as a dangerous infringement of the freedom of press in the OPTs.
The Center stresses the following: Such infringements of the freedom of press constitute interference with the role journalists play in the OPTs at this particular time when the Israeli occupation forces are escalating their aggression.
Interference with the freedom of the press is anti-democratic as it infringes citizens’ rights to information.
This assault deepens the feelings of insecurity felt by those being subjected to illegal treatment by the Israeli Occupation, and negates citizens’ basic rights and the rule of law.
Al Mezan therefore calls on the Palestinian public, and Palestinian Authority, to strengthen democratic values and practices.
The Center calls for respect for basic rights and freedoms in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
Al Mezan stresses the important role journalists play and calls on the Palestinian Authority to start an investigation and take what action is necessary to prevent similar acts against journalists in the future.