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After Nine Days of Detention, the Israeli Forces Release a Child Infected with Cancer

15-10-2002 00:00

In the context of Israel’s systematic collective punishment measures, the IOF arrested Hussam Muhammad Abu Mhisin, aged 17 on Sunday 6 October 2002 at the Al Matahin / Kisufim checkpoint.
Abu Mhisin was on his way back to Rafah from Ash-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City when Israeli soldiers stopped the taxi and arrested all of its occupants.
According to medical sources and medical reports, Abu Mihsin suffers from cancer and needs hospital treatment three times a week.
He was released on Monday 14 October 2002, after nine days in detention.
Some thousands of Palestinians are being held in the IOF prisons inside Israel.
These people are incarcerated in miserable conditions, in violation to the relevant principles of international and humanitarian law.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights is very concerned at the on going collective detention of Palestinian civilians.
This does not comply with the accepted international human rights standards to which Israel has undertaken to adhere.
These stipulate when detention is legitimate, and what are acceptable conditions in detention centers and prisons.
There is substantial evidence that Palestinian prisoners are subjects to humiliation, isolation and torture by the IOF.
  Al Mezan calls upon the international community to fulfill its legal and moral obligations and intervene immediately to protect the Palestinian civilian in the OPTs, in compliance with international humanitarian law.