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Protesting Unemployed Graduates Assaulted by Palestinian Police

04-03-2018 11:39


On Sunday, 4 March 2018, Palestinian policemen assaulted protesters joining a demonstration near Blue Beach Resort in western Gaza city. Organized by the Graduates Defense Committee, the peaceful demonstration was held to support the reconciliation efforts and to assert the need for including the issue of unemployment among graduates into the reconciliation agreement. The protesters assembled before the Blue Beach Resort, where the Egyptian delegation sponsoring reconciliation talks was hosted. Protesters requested to meet the Egyptian delegation, and a number of them tried to get in. Palestinian police responded by firing bullets into the air and demanded that protesters go back. Then, following approval by the Egyptian delegation, the police allowed only two protesters to get in for their requested meeting.

When the two representatives went out from the meeting, at around 4:00pm, they did not find the two buses through which the protesters came to their assembly place. The police had placed them in custody in their central station, an act that was rejected by protesters, who now refused to move away unless the two buses would be dismissed. Then, policemen, using batons, started beating protesters to disperse them. A number of protesters were injured: Shadi Al Naqla, 26, Ihab Abu Armanah, 28, and Hussam Al Nahal, 35, among others. Iyad Abu Armanah, 30, was arrested and taken to detention; he was released later in the evening of the same day. Policemen also confiscated one large speaker and the mobiles of two protesters.

Tags / #peaceful assembly #state of insecurity