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A Group of People Assaults Peaceful Protestors in Jabalia Camp

18-01-2018 06:05


At 04:00pm on Thursday, 18 January 2018, a number of participants in a sit-in organized by Hamas attacked a group of participants in another set-in organized by a different faction in Jabalia refugee camp, in North Gaza. According to Al Mezan’s monitoring, a large number of Hamas activists used cudgels to attack and disperse protesters in the other peaceful demonstration near Al Hoja crossroad, in Jabalia. As a result of the attack, some demonstrators were injured: Mohammed Abu Al Qomsan, Ahmed Abu Al Nassr, Mo’ein Abu Ishkeyan, Mohammed Daher, Ramzi Al Bora’i, Adham Al Sinwar, Mohammed Anbar, Maysara Awwad, Mohammed Al Moqayada and Khamis Azzam.

According to Mohammed Abu Al Qomsan’s testimony: “On 15 January 2018, the leadership of the Palestinian Popular Movement informed the security apparatus in Gaza of the Movement’s intention to organize a sit-in that calls for national unity and protest the poor living conditions. However, Hamas called for a sit-in in the same time and in the same place as that of the Movement, so the latter decided to change the place of its protest to Al Hoja crossroad. However, at 03:40pm, on Thursday, 18 January 2018, participants of Hamas’ sit-in attacked the Movement’s activists and beat them with cudgels. 15 persons were injured.”

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