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Israeli Occupation Forces Continue Air strikes Targeting Civil Premises In a Clear and Systematic Violation of International Law

07-03-2002 00:00

The Israeli Air Force continued their air strikes on targets in the Occupied Palestinian Territories on Wednesday 6 March and Thursday 7 March 2002.
At approximately 9:00am Thursday, Israeli F16 bombarded the Police Training College facility located in Arafat Police City, in Gaza City.
The western portion of the building was completely destroyed and the entire facility has been rendered inoperable and unusable.
Numerous other nearby civilian and municipal buildings were also damaged in the attack: Bissan Kindergarten, which was damaged as children were inside at school Al-Azhar University Palestinian Red Crescent Society for Gaza Strip Al-Bahar Company building In addition, several residences also suffered damage.
All through Wednesday 6 March 2002, the Palestinian Occupied Territories witnessed continuous Israeli attacks, exemplified by the three separate incidents that follow: At 10:35pm Israeli forces shelled the Palestinian Security compound in Ramallah with four surface-to-surface guided missiles in two successive waves.
The first two missiles detonated near the Scientific Community Office in the compound while another two hit the General Intelligence Office and a neighboring car park.
It should be noted that the two targets are located near President Arafat’s office in Ramallah.
At the time of the attack, President Arafat was engaged in meetings with European Union Envoy Miguel Morotinos at that location and the second strike occurred while the President was speaking on the telephone with Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres.
At about 7:22pm Wednesday 6 March, Israeli helicopter gunships fired missiles into the Palestinian Security Compound in Rafah, Gaza Strip.
The building was destroyed and the neighboring Preventative Security Office was partially damaged.
In addition, numerous nearby residential homes suffered damages as well with one person wounded by shrapnel.
In the context of Israeli extrajudicial killings related to assassinations, an Israeli special forces team operating in disguise, killed Jamal Rajab Zayid Al-Kasawani, age 24, from Ramallah.
Al-Kasawani was walking with another person, Bilal Farah, when a civilian car with Palestinian license plates suddenly stopped and six Israeli commandos opened fire.
Al-Kasawani was killed and his friend survived with serious wounds.
Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights is highly concerned with the frequent Israeli crimes perpetrated against Palestinian civilians and the Israeli forces escalation of their aggression against Palestinian civilians and their property.
The Center is also concerned with the Israeli continuous siege imposed on the Occupied Palestinian Territories, which constitutes part of the collective punishment procedures utilized against an occupied territory.
Al-Mezan condemns the international community’s silence in the face of such grave breaches to the Fourth Geneva Convention, which serves only to encourage Israel to continue its crimes against Palestinian civilians and their property.
The Center warns the international community the dangerous consequences of more Israeli war crimes and calls upon them to provide Palestinian civilians and their property with immediate international protection.