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The Israeli occupation forces continued their crimes against Palestinian civilians and their property. Twenty-two Palestinians killed and tens of houses destroyed

02-03-2002 00:00

In a new escalation of violence beginning Wednesday, 27 February 2002 at 12:30, the Israeli occupation forces surrounded and entered the Balata refugee camp, east of the West Bank city of Nablus.
These forces have also entered the West Bank city of Jenin on the same day as well as the refugee camp located to the west of the city at 4:15am Friday, 1 March 2002.
The Israeli invasions on the two refugee camps have been supported by tanks and helicopter gunships and are continuing through the present time.
These forces withdrew from Balata refugee camp at 11:00am Saturday but re-entered some 50 minutes later.
They invaded the western portion of the refugee camp, which had not previously been subject to attack.
The Israeli attacks upon the two refugee camps have resulted in the killings of 19 Palestinians; 15 from Jenin refugee camp and 4 in Balata.
In addition, approximately some 200 Palestinians were wounded in the duration of these attacks, most of which suffered serious injuries to the upper parts of their bodies.
Medical sources reported that 20 Palestinians have suffered injuries to their heads in the Balata refugee camp.
Furthermore, the Israeli invasion inflicted severe structural damage to numerous private homes, seven of which were transformed into military posts.
It is worth mentioning that the Israeli military used explosive devices to destroy at least two homes, damaging many neighboring houses.
As the Israeli forces have combed the camps, they initiated a new method of movement from house to house, by which they destroyed and passed through adjacent walls, thus inflicting great damage above and beyond their targeted intentions.
In the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces have bombarded the towns of Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahia in the North Gaza Governorate, killing two Palestinian civilians and injuring several others.
At approximately 11:00am on Friday, 1 March 2002, these forces shelled the eastern part of Beit Hanoun with 19 tank shells.
One of the injured included a deaf and mute boy of 15, Khadir Taisir Abu Wadi, who lost his right leg in the attack.
At approximately 12:00pm on the same day, the Israeli forces stationed at the Nizanet settlement, built on occupied land in the town of Beit Lahia, shelled the Bedoin village with heavy machinegun and tank fire.
As a result, Mahmud Hasan Ahmad at-Talalqas, age 7, was killed while playing with friends near his house opposite the settlement.
Again at 11:00pm Israeli tanks resumed shelling Beit Hanoun, wounding two Palestinians at their farm: Abdul-Minim Deib Hamdan, 32, from an-Nuseirat refugee camp and Khalil Salman aj-Jmasi, 28, from Gaza City.
Aj-Jmasi died of his wounds at the hospital on Saturday morning at 10:00am.
Moreover, a 9-year old girl, Inas Ibrahim Issa Salah, died Saturday morning from wounds suffered in a helicopter attack on Jabalia refugee camp, Tuesday, 19 February 2002.
Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights is gravely concerned by the continued targeting of Palestinian civilians and their property with excessive lethal force by the Israeli military in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
As such, the Center continues to condemn the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces.
Al-Mezan believes that the silence of the International Community in the face of such crimes and violations of International Law serves only to encourage the Israeli forces to perpetuate their activities.
To this point in time, the International Community has failed to apply judicious standards to the situation faced by Palestinians and urgent action is required to prevent further loss of life and property.
Al-Mezan calls for the International Community to intervene immediately, providing protection to Palestinian civilians and to end the illegal Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territories.