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Israeli Tanks Escalate their Aggression against Palestinians, Shell and Destroy Civil Premises and PA Installations

19-02-2002 00:00

Israeli F16s launched new raids on the Occupied Palestinian Territories Monday and Tuesday this week.
Israeli F16s shelled a public activities center, run by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in al-Alami area, Jabalia Refugee Camp at 11:55 Tuesday 19/2/2002.
Two Palestinian civilians were killed in the attack: Iyad Khalil Abu Safiya, 22-years-old and Muhammad Ali Hammad, 27-years-old, both from Jabalia Refugee Camp.
Eleven other Palestinians were wounded; they are: Rami al-Akhras, 22;  Inas Salah, 8; Mahmud Abu Sharkh, 22; Ismail Muhammad Faris, 14; Abdullah Ahmad Aziz, 14; Issa Salah, 14; Nidal az-Zuhiri, 25; Ahid ash-Sharawi,5; Rania Fayiz Filfil,10; Muhammad Nizar Rayan, 14; Riham Barud.
They shelled two Palestinian Authority installations Monday 19/2/2002.
At about 01:00 Monday night, they shelled the Military Intelligence point in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, and destroyed a major part of the building.
At the same time, they shelled a Palestinian police point in at-Tira, Ramallah destroying it totally.
It is worth mentioning that many houses and establishment in Rafah were damaged; namely ash-Shuhada Government Clinic, Rafah Municipality Library, Rafah Court and Rafah Youth Sport Club.
At about 02:15 Monday Israeli special forces, disguised as Palestinian civilians, entered Balata Refugee Camp near Nablus, West Bank.
After people discovered them, they opened fire arbitrarily and the tanks stationed nearby shelled the area.
As a result, Salah ad-Din Mansur Farraj, 33-years-old, and Laila Qattawi, a university student in her twenties died on the roof of her house.
Besides, seven others were wounded in the incident.
At about 19:00 Monday 18/2/2002 the Israeli occupation forces shelled Qizan an-Najar area east of Khan Yunis with three tank shells.
The Israeli tanks stationed at Murag settlement, northern Rafah, targeted a Palestinian National Security point and a residential block in the area.
The security point was totally destroyed and a number of houses were severely damaged.
Three Palestinians were killed in the attack; they are: Meryam Awwad al-Bahaysa, 36-years-old killed from shell splinters in the chest; Muna Sami al-Bahabsa, 14-years-old killed from shell splinters in the head; Abdul-Wahab Abdullah an-Najjar, 19-years-old killed from shell splinters in the back.
Besides many Palestinians were wounded due to the shelling.
The Center knew the following names: Ayda Sami al-Bahabsa, 13; Sabrin Sami al-Bahabsa, 17; Amna Sami al-Bahabsa, 9; Muhammad al-Bahabsa, 11; Sa’dya Muhammad al-Bahabsa, 29.
The Israeli forces prevented Palestinian ambulances from reaching the wounded and continued shelling the area till Tuesday morning.
The occupation forces divided the Gaza Strip into three parts after they blocked Salah ad-Din Street, the main street in the Strip, at Netzarim Crossing, south of Gaza City, and al-Hikir checkpoint, north of Kahn Yunis.
They also closed the Sea Street opposite to Netzarim settlement.
Moreover, these forces occupied the building of the Palestinian Mills Company near Gush Qatif Settlement Compound, destroyed its outside fence and shelled the main corn reservoir with tanks.
They turned the building's roof into a watchtower.
Ali Muhammad Abu Rukba, 27-years-old from Rafah Refugee Camp was killed after these forces opened fire on him in this area.
Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights is highly concerned with the frequent Israeli incursions inside Palestinian areas in an Israeli escalation of their aggression against Palestinian civilians and their property.
The Center is also concerned with the Israeli continuous siege imposed on the Palestinian territories, which constitutes part of the collective punishment procedures utilized against an occupied territory.
Al-Mezan considers the international community’s silence as an encouraging factor to the Israeli policy, and that it urges Israel to continue its crimes against Palestinian civilians and their property.
The Center calls the international community to: Stop the state of silence towards the Israeli crimes and fulfill its moral and legal responsibilities towards Palestinian civilians in the Palestinian Occupied Palestinian Territories.
Provide Palestinian civilians and their property with immediate international protection.

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