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The Israeli Forces launch Three Incursions in PA areas in Gaza, Kill Six and Arrest Tens of Palestinians

13-02-2002 00:00

The Israeli occupation forces entered the Palestinian Authority controlled areas in Bait Hanun, Bait Lahia northern Gaza and Dair al-Balah and al-Maghazi in the center of the Gaza Strip.
Five Palestinians were killed and tens arrested, as a result.
At about 1:00am today, Wednesday 13/2/2000, these forces entered the town of Bait Lahia.
Israeli tanks entered about 1,000 meters into al-Atatra area in the town coming from Dugit settlement in the west and from Bait Hanun/Erez passage in the east.
The latter force reached a point 200 meters from Tal az-Za’tar neighborhood in Jabalia Refugee Camp.
Part of the force moved towards Bait Hanun and shared in the incursion there.
This attack was accompanied by intensive shooting and breaking into houses.
The Israeli forces broke into the houses of Sa’id Mahmud Sabi’ Abu Halima, 16-years-old, As’ad Mahmud Sabi’ Abu Halima, 18-years-old, Faisal al-Masri, 45-years-old and arrested them.
The Israeli tanks left the area heading for Dugit settlement at about 2:30am.
At about 4:00am the same day a force of about thirty tanks, three jeeps and two civil cars entered the town of Bait Hanun.
Eyewitnesses said these forces attacked the town from three directions: Khur Hill area in the east, az-Zira’a Street in the north and the main entrance in the south.
These forces stationed themselves in the center of the town and the southern entrance before they announced a curfew and broke into many houses.
Although Palestinians did not resist the incursion, the Israeli forces shelled the town with heavy machineguns killing Amjad Yasir Hamad, 19-years-old from Bait Hanun and Salim Musa Abu Shinar, 30-years-old from Jabalia Refugee Camp.
Fifteen others were wounded.
The Center knows the names of many of those who were arrested: Bilal Muhammad al-Basyuni, 18; Jamal and Jamil Mahmud al-Basyuni, 24; Rafiq Jamil Mahmud al-Basyuni, 33; Sharif Atif Udwan, 15; Ismail Atif Udwan, 18; Riziq Muhammad Na’im, 37; Mu’ad and Sa’d Muhammad NA’im (twins); Ibrahim Khalil Na’im, 55; Khadir Majdi al-Masri, 20; Amjad Majdi al-Masri, 18; Mahmud Majdi al-Masri, 22; Sa’id Fahmi Abu Salah, 35.
Besides, the Israeli forces destroyed the offices of at-Taghrid Association for Culture and Arts, the Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in Bait Hanun and caused severe damage to the electricity and phone lines.
The Center’s sources said that these forces continue searching houses until this moment.
Moreover, the occupation forces entered the town of Dair al-Balah coming from four directions earlier last night, Tuesday 12/2/2001.
They entered 800 meters into Abu Huli area in the south, 300 meters into al-Mazra’a area down town, and 300 meters into Salah ad-Din Street in the east.
Another force entered about 1,000 meters into al-Maghazi refugee Camp from the east.
The Israeli tanks bombed three Palestinian National Security Forces (Border Guards) sites, No.
7, 8, and 9, destroying them totally.
Three Palestinian security members were killed due to the shelling of the site No.
8, they are: Abdul-Karim Fahmi al-Hasanat, 41; Shadi Atwa al-Hasanat, 21; Khalid Ahmad Abu Sitta, 20.
Medical resources said that they died from splinters in different parts of their bodies.
A Palestinian woman, Na’ima ash-Shaikh Khalil, 40-years-old, died Tuesday 12/2/2002 after the Israeli forces blocked the way of the ambulance which was taking her to hospital through al-Hikir Chickpoint south of Dair al-Balah.
Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights is highly concerned with the frequent Israeli incursions inside Palestinian areas in an Israeli escalation of their aggression against Palestinian civilians and their property.
The Center is also concerned with the Israeli continuous siege imposed on the Palestinian territories, which constitutes part of the collective punishment procedures used against an occupied territory.
Al-Mezan considers the international community’s silence as encouragement to the Israeli policy, urging it urges Israel to continue its crimes against Palestinian civilians and their property.
The Center calls the international community to: Stop the state of silence towards the Israeli crimes and fulfill its moral and legal responsibilities towards Palestinian civilians in the Palestinian Occupied Palestinian Territories.
Provide Palestinian civilians and their property with immediate international protection.

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