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The Israeli Forces Shell Gaza Strip

11-02-2002 00:00

At about 19:50 yesterday, Monday 10/2/2002, two Israeli F16 fighters shelled Ansar security compound in Gaza City by two heavy missiles.
Al-Mezan fieldworker, who was in the site ten minutes after the shelling, said that the compound’s food warehouse and mosque were mostly damaged in this raid.
Besides, several nearby residential buildings, north of the compound, were damaged, as well.
Eyewitnesses said that rocks flew about 800 meters from the compound.
There is a possibility that many houses were damaged due to the explosion.
Besides, the building of the Palestinian Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, the office of UNSCO in Gaza were damaged in the attack.
It is worth mentioning that twenty-five Palestinians were wounded in this attack; some of them are UNRWA employees.
The Center has a list of their names.
Israeli helicopters attacked Jabalia and shelled a workshop with five missiles in al-Quds Street.
Al-Madhun Workshop for Metals and Greenhouses, owned by Yasin Nimir al-Madhun was the target.
One of the missiles hit al-Ra’id kindergarten destroying its exterior wall, the furniture and three vehicles used for transportation.
Besides, the building of the Bank of Palestine LTD and several houses in the area were severely damaged and four persons were wounded.
At about 21:45 Israeli helicopters shelled as-Sakhra Workshop for metals, which is owned by Jihad Mharib Abu Habl and located below a three-floor residential building in Tel az-Za’tar, Jabalia.
The building and nearby houses were also severely damaged and four persons were wounded.
In the context of its collective punishment procedures, the Israeli occupation forces closed the main street in the Gaza Strip, which is used by Palestinians to move between the north and south of the Strip.
It has been closed since 15:00 yesterday, Sunday.
Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights is highly concerned with these crimes, especially the targeting of civilian premises by air force which is prohibited according to the international law as it constitutes one of the collective punishment procedures in an occupied territory and war crimes.
As such, the Center calls the international community to: Stop the state of silence and fulfill its legal and moral obligations towards Palestinian civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in order to stop the Israeli war crimes perpetrated against them.
Provide Palestinian civilians ands their property with international protection as soon as possible.