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The Israeli Occupation Forces Terrorize Palestinian Civilians to Force Them to Leave Their Houses

10-02-2002 00:00

The Israeli forces entered the area of al-Birkih, south of Dair al-Balah and occupied two houses today at dawn.
Eyewitnesses said that an Israeli force supported by tanks entered the area under heavy shelling wile people escaped from their houses.
Many houses were searched and two of them were occupied and used as watchtowers.
The two houses are owned by Ibrahim Abu Shamas, 39-years-old and has a family of nine persons, and Musa al-Izz, 35-years-old, whose family consists of five persons.
It is worth mentioning that inhabitants of this area have been subject to similar procedures, especially during the last two months.
On 31/1/2002, 2/2/2002 and 6/2/2002 these forces threatened people that their houses will be bulldozed.
Each time they did so people evacuated their houses and left the area.
Some persons from the area told the Center that they have been living in fear and anxiety since then.
They said their life became very difficult in this area.
They told the Center that the Israeli attacks concentrate on 25 houses lived in by about 200 people in an area which is located near ‘Tel Qatif’ settlement.
Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights is highly concerned with targeting civilian houses and terrorizing their inhabitants in the context of the Israeli forces collective punishment procedures, especially those houses near the settlement.
The Center believes that these procedures aim to make Palestinian civilians leave these houses in a violation to the international law.
The Center calls the international community to: Stop the state of silence and fulfill its legal and moral obligations towards Palestinian civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in order to stop the Israeli war crimes perpetrated against them.
Provide Palestinian civilians ands their property with international protection as soon as possible.