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Activist Adam Al-Madhoun Detained by Police in North Gaza

06-09-2017 09:03


At 9:00a.m. on Sunday 3 September 2017, Adam Salim Al-Madhoun, 28, was detained by police in its station in Jabalia refugee camp in North Gaza governorate. Field investigations indicate that Al-Madhoun, a resident of Al-Sikka street in Jabalia, went to the police station after he received a summon order, as in a previous time. He did not receive any clarification of the reasons for this summon order. Afterwards, he was interrogated over his writings and comments on his personal Facebook account. Al-Madhoun reports that he was kept in a cell while subjected to insult, physically assaulted by an electric baton, and forced to sit on a child chair while tied. He was released at 21:00 of the same day.

Tags / #local detention #freedom of expression