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A Palestinian man killed, seven wounded in a fracas between two families in Jabalia

24-11-2001 00:00

Yesterday, Friday 23/11/2001 night, an explosion was heard in Zimo Street east of Jabalia.
People hurried to the place and found a number of wounded persons.
They took them to al-Awda and ash-Shifa hospitals.
The wounded were identified as: Ata (Talal) Salama Abu Frih, 39-years-old, injured by splinters in different parts of the body; Salama Ata Salama Abu Frih, 20-years-old, injured by splinters in different parts of the body; Adham Ata Salama Abu Frih, 20-years old, injured by splinters in different parts of the body; Maliha Abu Frih, 37-years-old, injured by a splinter in the right knee (Ata’s wife).
Muhammad Abu Shinar, 39-years-old, injured with splinters in the neck and the right leg; Muhammad Muhammad Abid Rabuh Salih, 26-years-old, injured by splinters in the face and the eye; Usama Abid Rabuh Salih, 33-years-old, injured by splinters in the shoulder and the neck.
Ata Abu Frih died later in the hospital.
Some of Ata’s neighbors said that there have been troubles between Abu Frih family and al-Ur family for a month.
One of the al-Ur family threw a grenade on Abu Frih family during the last fight.
Ata was killed and three of his family members and three neighbors were wounded.
The Preventive Security has detained one of their members, who was suspected to have used the grenade.
They said the police would question him.
Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights condemns such acts and calls the parties to self-control and not implement law.
The Center asserts the necessity of bringing those who committed this breach to justice.