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The Israeli Occupation Forces Shell Palestinian Economic Establishments in Jabalia, and Kill a Palestinian Security Officer in Dair al-Balah

04-11-2001 00:00

The Israeli occupation forces have killed Salah Abdu al-Ghazali, 34-years old by two live bullets in the head and the heart, and wounded his colleague Hatim al-Ghazali, 30- years old at about 10:30 Saturday 3/11/2001.
According to eyewitnesses, Salah, a major in the Palestinian National Security, was in an ordinary patrol to supervise National Security points.
He had just arrived from the point called “Maqbula” southeast al-Buraij Refugee Camp at the other point, called “Akila”, in Dair al-Balah area by “Kfar Darom” settlement.
Just after the patrol has left the point, an Israeli tank opened fire on it.
Salah immediately died and his colleague was wounded.
Today, Sunday 4/11/2001, at dawn, these forces have also shelled a number of civil economic establishments in Jabalia area.
It is worth mentioning that these forces used both helicopters and land-land missiles, fired from the area northeast Bait Hanun.
The shelling caused severe damage to the following targeted firms: A paintings’ factory owned by Hasan Numan Basal, from Gaza City.
Ironmould owned Mas’ud and Ghazi Ahmad Abdullah aj-Jamal, and rented by Na’im Dheeb Taha Abu Ful, both are from Gaza City.
An engraving firm owned by Samir Ibrahim as-Sabagh and Mazin Salman al-Hilu, both from Gaza City.
In addition, the shelling caused other damages to the neighboring firms, Dader Trade Company, ash-Shawa carpentary, Bahlul Laundry and a workshop for car painting.
One of the missiles hit al-Qusur al-Malakya Carpentery directly and caused severe damage to it.
Many houses in the area were also damaged, mainly their glass, due to the shelling.
The houses of Naim Arafa Abdul-Qadir Hamuda, Arafa Abdul-Qadir Salih Hamuda and Muhammad Rabi’ Farah Jnid were among them.
In the face of this Israeli dangerous attacks, Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights warns from potential dangerous consequences, and calls the international community to: Utilize all the possible sorts of pressure on the occupation state so that it stops its aggression on the Palestinian People.
Provide immediate international protection to the civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and the systematic aggression they are exposed to, which aim to cause as much losses in souls and property as possible.