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The formation of The Committee to Defend Political Prisoners

01-11-2001 00:00

Since the assassination of the Israeli Tourism Minister, the Palestinian security forces have carried out many arrests in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
About 50 Palestinian citizens, mainly affilliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), have been arrested.
The Palestinian security forces carried out the arrests without complying with the due process according to Palestinian law.
The citizens who were detained recently are still being held without charge.
The Human Rights Sector in the Palestinian NGOs Network considers the recent campaign of arrests is illegal and unjustified, on the part of the detainers and the length and continuity of the detention.
The Human Rights Sector in the Palestinian NGOs Network asserts its refusal to all kinds of political arrests, and to the depreciation of citizens’ basic rights.
It also considers that the recent arrests are based on the detainees political background and not on any breaches of the Palestinian law.
The Human Rights Sector in the PNGO, though is aware of the complexity of both the political and security conditions in the area, does not see any necessity to sacrifice human rights or basic freedoms of the citizens as a way to cope with such conditions.
The sector believes that the Palestinian National Authority should adhere to the Palestinian law and keep the citizen’s basic freedoms as an ideal way to keep an internal harmony in Palestine, and an outlet to avoid external pressure.
As such, we assert the following: An immediate release of all political prisoners and the necessity to respect the citizens’ basic rights and freedoms.
To respect the rule of law.
The priority of security concerns at the expense of the rule of law and basic freedoms could exacerbate the public feeling of dissatisfaction, and will not bring stability and security to citizens.
The Human Rights Sector in the Palestinian NGOs Network, based on its beliefs in the importance of the rule of law, and the potential dangers of the political arrests, has decided to form a legal committee, to defend political prisoners, which encompasses human rights organisations, and other qualified independent lawyers.
The committee shall defend any Palestinian opinion or political prisoners according to the law.
The committee is open for lawyers who would like to join these efforts.
The Human Rights Sector of the PNGOs Network Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights.
Gaza Community Mental Health Program.
Ad-Damir Association.
Democracy and Workers Rights Center.
The Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizen’s Rights.