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Unknown People Detains Journalist Abdullah Meqdad in Gaza City



At approximately 2:30 pm on Sunday, 7 May 2017, unknown men detained journalist Abdullah Issa Meqdad, 33, near Al Sheikh Redwan pool western Gaza City. He was on a taxi and he gave a left to his colleague Ahmed Abu Khousa. Abdullah was on his way home when a white Tusan car stopped them. Three people dressed in civilian clothes got out of the car. One of them took the cell phone of Abdullah and got into the Tusan car along with one of his colleagues. Abdullah, the taxi driver, and one of the unknown people stayed in the street for one hour. The two unknown men came in the Tusan car and gave Abdullah his cell phone back. They asked about the driver’s name and his cell phone number. Then then ordered the driver to go away.


In his affidavit, Abdullah stated that these men introduced themselves as members of security forces.


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