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Internal Security Apparatus Arrests Sheikh Mahmoud Jouda in Rafah

18-09-2016 11:07


At approximately 11:30 pm on Sunday, 18 September 2016, members form the internal security apparatus arrested  Sheikh Mahmoud Abed Al Azeiz Jouda, 57, resident of Al Shouka village east of Rafah city. He was in a civil, Ford car, with his son Abed Al Azeiz, and his daughter’s husband Mahmoud Abu Sallom. The car was stopped r at  a check point for the field control force for the internal security apparatus. Sheikh Mahmoud Jouda was transferred to another check point in Salah Al Dein street, near Rafah crossing, where a car for the internal security carrying men dressed in civilian clothes , took him to unknown destination. According to reports, his detention is on the background of a religious opinion.


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