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Al Mezan Delivers Training Course on “IHL, Litigation Procedures, Prosecuting War Crimes, and Advocacy Mechanisms”


On Sunday, 14 August 2016, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights (Al Mezan) delivered a training course entitled “International Humanitarian Law, Litigation Procedures, Prosecuting War Crimes, and Advocacy Mechanisms” for 25 legal professionals looking to specialize in detainee affairs.


The course is comprised of 20 training hours delivered over three days. The participants will be introduced to various topics related to IHL and the Fourth Geneva Convention, mechanisms to implement IHL, monitoring and documentation mechanisms, and compilation of case files relating to possible war crimes.


Mrs. Al Shobaki, coordinator of the Training and Mass Communication Unit at Al Mezan, stated that the course, in addition to disseminating information on IHL and human rights, aims to raise awareness of the protection and human rights issues faced by detainees and prisoners. Enhancing the understanding of international legal concepts is crucial for a population that lives under occupation and is subject to ongoing international law violations.  


Mrs. Shirin Al Shobaki emphasized the importance of keeping in touch with Al Mezan for future cooperation. The course is part of Al Mezan’s core activities to enhance the understanding of human rights concepts and IHL. 


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