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Two Palestinians killed and three others seriously injured: The belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces open fire on a civil defense vehicle and bombards Rafah with missiles and machineguns


Today 20/12/2000 at 9:00 a.
(7:00 GMT), the belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces opened fire on a Palestinian civil defense vehicle at Ashuhada’ junction near Nitsareem settlement.
An Israeli military jeep, which was traveling along the road connecting Karny crossing with Nitsareem settlement, opened fire on the vehicle, which was traveling from Rafah to Gaza.
As a result, Rif’at Faisal Abu Marzouq, a 22 year-old resident of Rafah, was killed after being shot in the head.
In the same incident, Nidhal Husein Abu Oun, a 30 year-old resident of Rafah, was seriously injured in the head.
It is worth mentioning that the belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces opens fire on Palestinians without discrimination including ambulances and ambulance crews, where several health personnel were killed or injured.
The belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces continued attacking the Palestinian civilians as well as their properties.
In this context, 12 Israeli tanks, positioned alongside the border- line with Egypt, fired 30 shells on Palestinian civilians and their houses.
As a result, hany Yousif Asoufy, 14 years old, was killed after being injured in the chest and head with shrapnels.
40 other Palestinian civilians were injured in the same incident, 3 of them are seriously so.
These are: Mohammad Saqr Asoufy, injured in the neck.
Awadh Marzouq Zannoun, injured in the head.
Rasheed Sa’eed Barhoum, injured in the pelvis.
Houses owned by Abu Khatlah, Asoufy, and Abu Tailakh families were damaged in the same incident.
The educational process was stopped in 10 elementary, preparatory, and secondary schools located in the vicinity.
In Deir Albalah area (the middle zone of the Gaza Strip), the belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces bulldozed a house owned by Mtair Abd-Rabbuh Abu Holy today’s mourning.
The house consisted of 8 rooms.
In the incident, a water will was destroyed.
Yesterday, 19/12/200 the belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces arrested 4 Palestinian civilians near Rafah border crossing.
In this context, these forces broke through a house owned by Saleem Jaradat, searched it, and arrested 4 Palestinians who were inside the house at that time.
These were: Zaky Saleem Jaradat, 20 year old.
Sameer Saleem Jaradat, 22 years old.
Attiah Hammad Jaradat, 21 years old.
Sa’d Ayish Irmailat, 17 years old.
Three of these were released this mourning, while the fourt, Zaky Saleem Jaradat, was detained and sent to jail in Ashkelon.
The belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces opened fire on Palestinian workers at Erez Crossing/ checkpoint leading to the injury of 4 of them.
In this context, these forces have been humiliating the Palestinian workers since allowing part of them to work in Israel (on 15/12/2000).
Israeli soldiers insult the workers verbally and physically.
They push and beat them.
They even select a number of workers, and force them to enter a small room, one at each time.
There, they are forced to take off their clothes.
Trained dogs are also used by the Israelis to check and terrify the Palestinian workers.
We, at AL-MEZAN Center for Human Rights, stress that the continued state of indifference of the international community in regard to the Israeli attacks against the Palestinian civilians is unjustifiable.
We, therefore, request the international community to immediately intervene to provide protection for the unarmed Palestinian civilians, and to chase and punish the Israeli war criminals.