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Israeli settlers and soldiers open fire on Palestinian civilians while on the way to a mosque

04-12-2000 00:00

Protected and supported by Israeli soldiers, armed Israeli settlers continue their aggression against the Palestinian civilians in the Occupied Territories.
Yesterday, 3/12/2000, at about 6:15 p.
(4:15 GMT), a large number of Palestinian civilians were heading for a mosque in Hosan village, located to the west of Bethlehem, in order to perform the Isha’ (night) and Taraweeh prayers.
Taraweeh prayers are special prayers performed after the Isha’ prayers during Ramadan, the month of fasting.
Sudenly, a group of armed Israeli settlers, who were inside a passing car, opened fire on the Palestinians resulting in wounding one of them.
A group of the Palestinians tried to approach the wounded man in order to rescue him.
Surprisingly, Israeli soldiers who were positioned near the mosque heavily opened fire on the Palestinians.
As a result, 26 other Palestinians were injured, 4 of them severely so.
These are: Ra’id Mohammad Hamamrah, 24 years old, injured in the chest.
Sabry Ahmad Shoushah, 27 years old, injured in the abdomen.
Bilal Fakhry Mahmoud Hamamrah, 19 years old, injured in the knee.
Hasan Salih Ali naufal, 28 years old, injured in the abdomen.
Following the incident, the belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces cut off the electricity in the village.
The village, by the way, has been suffering from a continued military siege for twenty days.
Its entrances have been blocked with heaps of sand and rocks.
Yesterday also, the belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces opened fire on residential buildings in Bait Jala and Alkhadhr near Bethlehem.
As a result, the main electricity generator supplying Alkhadhr and the western part of Bethlehem was destroyed leading to cutting off electricity in these araes.