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The belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces continue to shell the Palestinian civilians and to destroy their property

25-11-2000 00:00

Yesterday, 24/11/2000, the belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces shelled Palestinian houses in Khan Younis and Rafah in the Gaza Strip and Nablus in the West Bank with missiles and gun machines.
The shelling caused damage to a large number of the houses and created a state of horror amongst the Palestinian civilians living in the vicinities of the shelling.
In this context, many Palestinians had to leave their houses.
Yesterday, the belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces continued to use excessive and lethal force against the unarmed Palestinian civilians.
The Israeli shelling of Palestinian houses and excessive use of force against Palestinian protestor resulted in the death of seven Palestinians and injury of 120 others.
The following table gives detailed information about the killed: Aysar Mohammad Sadiq Hasees; 14years, Jenin, Injured in the head.
Firas Diab Abu Hatab; 27, Jenin, Injured in the head on 23/11/2000.
Ghassan Majid Quran; 20, Qalqiliah, Injured in the chest.
Ziad Khaleel Mohammad Abu Jazar; 22, Rafah, Injured by live ammunition.
Majdy Ali Abid; 15, Ashujaiah/Gaza, Injured on 17/11/2000.
Samy Adil Amir; 32, Kufr Qlail/ Nablus, Injured with missile parts fired at their house.
Nahid Adil Amir; 26 The belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces have continued to separate the Gaza Strip into two isolated halves and to prevent the movement of vehicles along salah Addeen road, which connects them together.
In this context, the Israeli army prevented Palestinian the civilians near Deir Albalah from reaching their agricultural lands located across the main road to the east of the city.
They even opened fire on them.
The Israeli army still closes the entrances of the Palestinian cities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
We, at Al-MEZAN Center for Human Rights, stress that the Israeli aggressive acts are parts of a general Israeli policy aiming to impose collective punishments upon the Palestinian civilians and creating a state of starvation amongst them.
We request the international community to immediately intervene to protect the Palestinian civilians and to put an end to the Israeli violations to the human rights of the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.