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The belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces continue to shell the Palestinian civilians and to destroy their property

23-11-2000 00:00

Following the killing of four Palestinian civilians in yesterday’s incident near Rafah in the Gaza Strip, the Israelis shelled The Palestinian cities of Rafah, Khan Younis, Ramallah, and al-Bireh.
As a result several houses were damaged and one Palestinian civilian was killed.
Another Palestinian civilian died due to earlier injuries.
The 6 martys of yesterday were: Awny Ismaeel Dhhair, 37 years old from Rafah.
Jamal Abd Alqadir Abd Arraziq, 29 years old from Rafah.
Samy Nasir Abu Laban, 30 years old from Annasr neighborhood in Gaza.
Nail Salim Allidawy, 25 years old from Rafah.

These four people were killed near Rafah.
Najeeb Mahmoud Qishtah, 47 years old.
He was injured in the head by a rocket.
Ibraheem Hasan Almqannan, 14 years old.
He was shot in the head on 20/11/2000.
Today, 23/11/2000 in the morning, the belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces opened fire on Palestinian civilians near Salah Addeen border gate by Rafah.
As a result 13 Palestinian civilians were injured, three of them were seriously so.
These are: Karam Fathy Alkurd, a 14 year-old resident of Rafah injured in the head and chest.
Mousa Ibraheem Abu Ghnaim, 18 years old, injured in the chest.
Khalid Suleiman Abu Snainah, 17 years old, injured in the back.
This morning at about 5:00 a.
(3:00 GMT), the Israeli Occupation Forces opened fire on several houses located near Salah Addeen border gate.
In this context, the house of Farouq Mohammad E’lian Braikah, inhabited by 16 people, while they were asleep.
As a result, Jindiah Ismaeel Eid Braikah, 85 years old, was injured in the hand, the house’s walls were cracked, and its windows and doors were damaged.
This morning also, at about 8:00 a.
(6:00 GMT), Israeli troops broke through the border line separating the Gaza Strip from Israel near Beit Hanoun, and took over the Palestinian Border Force base (16) located by the border line.
3 Palestinians were injured in this incident.
The belligerent Israeli Occupation Forces are still blocking the main roads in the Gaza Strip separating it into two isolated halves, and continued to bulldoze lands and to destroy houses owned by Palestinians.
In this context, the following were observed: 8 dunams, owned by Fuad Mohammad Ali Aljafarawy, and planted with olive and date trees were bulldozed.
Additional 34 dunams owned by the same person were bulldozed two weeks ago.
In the same incident, a 2-story villa owned by Fuad located in the same location was completely destroyed.
Its area was 250 square meters.
In addition, the house of watchman whose area was 120 square meters was destroyed.
Moreover, the irrigation network and a water pump were damaged.
The foundations of 4 villas, the area of each of them was 250 square meters, owned by Fuad Aljafarawy sons were severely damaged.
40 dunams, owned by Aidah Khadhr Mostafa Aljafarawy, and planted with fruity trees were buuldozed.
Her 3-room house located in the same place was also destroyed.
“Metalko” Aluminum factory owned by Fuad Aljafarawy and Labeeb Arrayis was destroyed.
The raw materials and an electricity generator which were inside the factory were confiscated by Israeli heavily armed soldiers before completely destroying, and later on bulldozing the one dunam piece of land on which it was built, the factory.
The loss resulting from this is about half a million $US.
It is worth mentioning that the total area of land planted with fruity trees, which were bulldozed by the Israelis in the vicinity of Kfar Darom is about 1000 dunams.
We, at Al-MEZAN Center for Human Rights, stress that the Israeli aggressive acts are parts of a general Israeli policy aiming to impose collective punishments upon the Palestinian civilians and creating a state of starvation amongst them.
The killing of Palestinians by the Israeli army constitute extra judicial executions, which are war crime.
We request the international community to immediately intervene to protect the Palestinian civilians and to put an end to the Israeli violations to the human rights of the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.