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The Israeli Occupation Forces willfully kill 4 Palestinian civilians: Eyewitnesses tell the story of the Israeli killing of innocent Palestinian civilians

22-11-2000 00:00

With reference to our news update issued earlier today about the killing of a number of Palestinian civilians by Israeli soldiers at the crossing of the Jewish settlement, Moraj, located near northern Rafah, our field workers have provided us with the following information.
This information is based on the testimony of eye-witnesses and our field workers’ observation.
Today, 22/11/2000, between 10:00 and 10:30 a.
(8:00 and 8:30 GMT), two civilian Palestinian cars, a black Hyundai and a white Mercedes were travelling along a street close to Morage Jewish settlement.
Two Palestinians, Jamal Abd Arraziq and Awny Dhhair were inside the Hyundai car, while three others, Khaleel Mhawish Ashair, Nail Shihdah Allidawy, and the driver Nahidh Fujo, were inside the Mercedes car.
The Hyundai car was travelling infront of the Mercedes car.
When the two cars approached the junction of Moraj, an Israeli tank and two military Israeli jeeps moved suddenly to close the road, preventing the two cars from continuing their journey.
Then the Mercedes car tried to bypass the Hyundai car.
Simultaneously, heavy shooting was fired on both the cars.
Then, man dressed in civil clothes (might be a Jewish settler or an Israeli intelligent officer) approached the Hyundai car and opened fire on it.
Simultaneously, the soldiers in the jeeps got off them.
Then one of the soldiers approached the Hyundai and opened fire directly on Jamal Abd Arraziq and Awny Dhhair from a distance not of one meter in the maximum.
Eye witnesses, who saw the inside of the Hyundai car, reported seeing dispersed flesh and teeth remnants inside the car, and our field workers, who saw the two dead bodies, reported that the two bodies especially Jamal’s were mutilated to the extent that it was very difficult to identify them.
As soon as the shooting started, the driver of the Mercedes car stopped the car and ran away, but the soldiers chased him and he was arrested.
It is worth mentioning that the fourth Palestinian killed in this incident was Samy Nasir Abu Laban, 30 years old from Rafah, not Ashair who was mentioned as one of the dead in our news update.