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A new massacre against innocent Palestinian civilians

22-11-2000 00:00

Today, 22/11/2000, at about 10:00 a.
(8:00 GMT), Israeli soldiers seated in an Israeli tank have deliberately opened fire at two civilian Palestinian cars (a Mercedes and Hyundai) at the crossing of Moraj Jewish settlement located near northern Rafah.
As soon as the two cars passed near the Israeli tank, the soldiers have opened heavy fire on them.
As a result at least 5 Palestinian civilians have been killed and 8 others wounded.
Palestinian ambulances, which came to rescue the victims, have been prevented from approaching the scene.
The bodies of the dead and the wounded have been released after being arrested for one and a half hours inside the Jewish settlement, Moraj.
It is worth mentioning that no fire was shot neither from inside the two cars nor from other Palestinians in the vicinity of the incident’s location.
The dead were: Khaleel Ashair, 35 years old.
Iman Khaleel Ashair, 7 years old.
Awny Dhhair, 36 years old.
Jamal Abd arraziq, 28 years old.
An unknown university student girl, about 20 years old.
At this moment, 10 Israeli tanks are crossing Almuntar/ Karny crossing to the east of Gaza to reinforce the Israeli military presence in the Gaza Strip.
The Israelis have continued to separate the Gaza Strip into two isolated halves for the third consecutive day.
Now, our field workers are collecting more information about the incident, and we will provide you with more details as soon as possible.