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Al Mezan Organizes a Workshop for School Parliament Students in Rafah


On Monday, 28 March 2016, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights (Al Mezan) organized an awareness-raising workshop entitled “the Convention on the Rights of the Child” for a group of school parliament students of UNRWA Rafah Primary School for Boys ‘E’.

Mr. Wael Al-Ghandour, the school’s human rights teacher, welcomed Mr. Yahya Mohareb, Al Mezan’s lawyer, and thanked Al Mezan for its efforts in raising awareness of human rights and for collaborating with UNRWA schools. Afterwards, Mr. Mohareb gave an overview of Al Mezan’s activities, units, and services. Then he discussed the rights of Palestinian children in light of the Palestinian Child Law No. (7) of 2004, the Palestinian Basic Law as amended in 2005, the Palestinian Labor Law No. (7) of 2000, and the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This workshop was organized in the context of the Al Mezan’s continuing collaboration with UNRWA schools to promote human rights, particularly the rights of the child.


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