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Police Assaults the Family of Dr. Mohammed Abu Lihya in Mashrou’ Beit Lahiya

28-11-2015 06:51



At approximately 7:00 pm on Saturday, 28 November 2015, a police force broke into the house of Dr. Mohammed Mousa Abu Lihya, which is located in Mashrou’ Beit Lahiya in North Gaza district. The police assaulted his family members. As a result, five of his family members were injured. Al Mezan identified their names as follows:

  • his wife Hanaa Taha Abu Lihya, 45, sustained bruises in the chest, back, and left hand;
  • his sister Zakia Mousa Abu Lihya (Al Ajrami), 50, sustained bruises in the left leg and right hand;
  • his two daughters Batoul, 18, sustained bruises in the left hand and the back;
  • Shimaa’, 19, sustained bruises in different parts of the body;  and
  • his daughter-in-law , Fatma, 25, sustained bruises in the right shoulder, back and chest.

The police arrested his son Mousa, 22, and his cousin Ahmed Khalid Abu Lihiya, 22.  According to Al Mezan’s field investigations, the police broke into the house searching for Abdel Rahman Mohammed Abu Lihya, 27. The force wanted to Arrest Dr. Mohammed Abu Lhiya. The force had permit from the public prosecution to search a bakery owned by Dr. Mohammed Abu Lihya. Mohammed’s son, Mousa, who is a lawyer, refused to allow the police to search the house without a searching warrant from the public prosecution, but the police broke into the house, assaulted the family members, and arrested Mousa and his cousin. They were released after five days.


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