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Police Disperses Conference for Fateh Movement in Deir Al Balah



At approximately 1:30 pm on Monday, 10 August 2015, Fateh members in Deir Al Balah organized a conference to elect leadership for Sakhir Habash area in Deir Al Balah. The conference was organized at the house of Ali Salim Al Na’ouq, 64, the head of the election committee and in charge of organizing the election. About 100 Fateh members gathered in his house and the election lasted for two hours. After that, a police force arrived at his house and ordered who were there to leave the house. Then the police asked Ali Al Na’ouq about the election box. He told them that the young men who left the house took the box with them. Seven police officers searched the house without presenting a search warrant. The police then ordered Ali Al Na’ouq and a number of the guest to accompany them to the police station in Deir Al Balah. They signed a document committing them to meet the governor on the next day. When they went to the governor office, they were informed that the police went to Al Na’ouq house to solve a problem. Al Na’ouq stated that no problem erupted inside his house and the situation was calm. 

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