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Ayyad Family, Al Sheja'iyia


Ayyad Family, Al Sheja'iyia

At approximately 6:00 am on Sunday, 20 July 2014 Israeli tanks fired artillery shells around the house of the Nasser Helmi Ayyad family, whichis located on Al Mansoura Street in Al Sheja'iyia neighbourhood, east Gaza City.  Some relatives of Nasser were in his house since the day before as there was also bombing in their area.

They were hiding behind the stairs, but because of the heavy bombings they attempted to flee the area and were attacked while fleeing down a street, just dozens of meters from Nasser's house which was also damaged.


Al Mezan identifies the victims as follows:

  1. Mona Abdel Rahman Ayyad (41);
  2. Hala Subhi Ayyad (24), Mona's daughter;
  3. Ghada Subhi Ayyad (11), Mona's daughter;
  4. Ahmed Sami Diyab Ayyad (31);
  5. Osama Ribhi Ayyad (31);
  6. Rami Fathi Ayyad (30), He died on 22 July 2014 at Al Shifa Hospital;
  7. Mohammed Rami Ayyad (5 months), Rami's son;
  8. Shirin Fathi Ayyad (17). Rami's sister
  9. Feda' Rafeq Ayyad (23);
  10. Nirmin Rafiq Ayyad (19), Fedaa's sister; and
  11. Mohammed Ashraf Ayyad (5).




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