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IOF Opens Fire at Palestinians and Kills Child North of Beit Lahiya


At approximately 6:40 pm on Friday, 31 July 2015, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) opened fire at a number of children who were near the separation fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel north of Borat Abu Samra north of Beit Lahiya. As a result, Mohammed Hamed Al Masri, 16, was killed.

In his affidavit to Al Mezan, Baraa’ Nafez Saleh stated that at around 4:00 pm on Friday he went along with his friend Mohammed Al Masri to agricultural fields north of Beit Lahiya for picnic and taking pictures near the separation fence. They were few meters away from the separation fence. Then they went to an agricultural field belongs to the Salman family and is located one kilometer away from the separation fence. Baraa’ saw Israeli tanks were moving as usual.

Baraa’ also saw a group of infantry soldiers near the observation tower. The soldiers were about 500 meters away from Baraa’ and his friend. Baraa saw a number of children approach the separation fence. Mohammed Al Masri went to them to warn them from approaching the fence. After getting away from the fence, Baraa heard two gunshots at around 6:40 pm. He ran to see his friend and he met another guy he did not know before. When they reach the separation fence, they saw Israeli soldiers stationed there. Baraa’ and the other guy took off their clothes and lift their hands up. They walked until they found Al Masro lying on the ground bleeding from his stomach and shoulder. They tried to talk to him but he did not reply. They also tried to rescue him by artificial respiration. They carried him and walked about 500 meters to the south. They found a car for one of the farmers who took him to the hospital. at approximately 7:35 pm doctors pronounced his death.

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