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Al Kilani family, Gaza


Al Kilani family, from Beit Lahiya, attack took place in Gaza City


At approximately 8:20pm on Monday, 21 July 2014, an Israeli warplane attacked Al Salam Tower (a high-rise building) on Omar Al Mukhtar Street in central Gaza City. The ten-storey building was completely destroyed. A number of civilian families had sought refuge in this building following warnings issued for people to leave their homes and intense Israeli shelling in their neighbourhoods. Warnings instructing people to shelter in the city centers had been issued by the Israeli forces. It is alleged that Sha’ban Suleiman Al Dahdouh, 30, affiliated to the Islamic Jehad, was the target of the attack. His body was found under the rubble of the building weeks after the attack.

Eleven people were killed in the attack, including four children and four women, from two families: the Al Kilani and the Derbas families (who are the close relatives of Taghrid Sha’ban Al Kilani). The Al Kilani's are originally from Beit Lahiya town in the North Gaza district. They left their town after seeing the leaflets that were dropped by Israeli forces that were instructing the residents of their area to leave Beit Lahiya and shelter in city centers. Ibrahim Al Kilani and his children hold German passports as Ibrahim had spent 20 years in Germany where he was married, had two children and was working as an architect. He then moved back to Gaza. Two of his children stayed back in Germany.


Al Mezan has identified those killed as follows:

  1. Ibrahim Deeb Al Kilani (53);
  2. Taghrid Sha’ban Al Kilani (44), Ibrahim's wife;
  3. Reem Ibrahim Al Kilani (11), Ibrahim and Taghrid's daughter;
  4. Sawsan Ibrahim Al Kilani (10); Ibrahim and Taghrid's daughter;
  5. 5-Yasin Ibrahim Al Kilani (9), Ibrahim and Taghrid's son;
  6. Yasser Ibrahim Al Kilani (7), Ibrahim and Taghrid's son;
  7. Ilias Ibrahim Al Kilani (3), Ibrahim and Taghrid's son;
  8. Aida Sha’ban Mohammed Derbas (47), Taghrid's sister;
  9. Mahmoud Sha’ban Derbas (37),Taghrid's brother;
  10. Soura Sha’ban Derbas (41), Taghrid's sister; and
  11. Inas Sha’ban Derbas (30), Taghrid's sister.


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