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Al Farra family, Khan Younis


At approximately 3:10 am on Saturday, 1 August 2014, Israeli warplanes attacked the house of Abdel Malik Abdel Salam Al Fara in the Maan area in southwest Khan Younis district. Six families, comprised of 50 members, were living in the three-story house. Israeli missiles penetrated the roofs of the third and second floors, causing fire and damage to the house. Residents of the house were terrified and ran outside the house. They were about 30 meters away from the house when an Israeli warplane fired another missile at them. As a result, nine people were killed including five children and a woman. Ten others were injured, including four children and two women.

 Al Mezan identified the names of people killed as follows:

  1. Abdel Malik Abdel Salam Al Farra (60)
  2. Osama Abdel Malik Al Farra (34).  Abdel Malik's son
  3. Awatef Iz Al Din Al Farra (31). Was pregnant. Basem's wife
  4. Abdel Rahman Basem Al Farra (8). Basem's son
  5. Lujain Basem Al Farra (4). Basem's daughter
  6. Nadeen Mahmoud Al Farra (16). Abdel Malik's niece
  7. Mohammed Mahmoud Al Farra (12). Nadeen's brother
  8. Yara Mahmoud Al Farra (8). Nadeen's sister
  9. Emad Nassralah Al Farra, 28.


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