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On the Palestinian Prisoner Day


The Palestinian Prisoner Day, which coincides today, Sunday 17 April 2005, comes while thousands of Palestinian political prisoners are in Israeli prisons and detention centers.
Reports indicating the serious conditions they live in prison, including torture and ill and degrading treatment are mounting.
Prisoners Day also comes under increasing detention of Palestinians by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) despite the truce that the Palestinian National Authority and the Israeli Government announced.
As such, the signatory Palestinian human rights organizations emphasize the following: Palestinian prisoners are subjected to cruel and degrading treatment in Israeli prisons starting from the moment of detention.
They are imprisoned and detained under serious conditions in violation of the internationally accepted minimum standards relative to the treatment of prisoners.
Prisoners are detained in large numbers into rooms which lack adequate beds, clothes and hygiene.
Prisoners are exposed to torture, beating, prevention from sleeping and interrogation for prolonged periods.
They are also prevented from family visitation for long periods.
Prisoners are subjected to isolation in individual cells and to frequent relocation among prison sections and among different prisons.
The quality and quantity of food provided for prisoners do not meet human needs.
Prisoners do not receive adequate medical care in violation of the internationally accepted standards, which oblige the Occupying Power to provide clinics and proper medical care for them.
The signatory human rights organizations demand that Israel halts its violations of Palestinian prisoners rights and to fulfill its obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Times of War, of 1949, especially the items establishing the rules of the treatment of prisoners in the Convention.
They also call upon the international community to pressure Israel to abide by its obligations under the relevant International Law, especially under the continued Israeli violation of Palestinian prisoners rights.
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