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Al Mezan Center for Human Rights condemns attack on Jabalia Municipality

29-05-2005 00:00

At approximately 10am yesterday, Saturday 28 May 2005, a group of Palestinian citizens residing Jabalia town's Nazla neighborhood attacked the Municipality of Jabalia.
Citizens were expressing anger from the Municipality's delays of employing solutions to problems they face and claiming Municipality does not provide adequate services to them.
They insulted the Municipality's staff and destroyed office furniture and windowpanes.
This is not the first attack on the Jabalia Municipality employees and facilities.
There have been several attacks from citizens at the building, especially during requesting daily services.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights calls upon municipalities and local councils to do their utmost to fulfill their legal and human obligations toward Palestinian citizens and ensure the best attainable housing and health conditions for them.
The Center, nevertheless, is gravely concerned by the frequent attacks and disregard of public servants on duty and the damage to public facilities and, hence, calls the Palestinian National Authority to ensure security for them.
Additionally, Al Mezan calls on Palestinian citizens to follow peaceful and legal means to influence the policies and conduct of public authorities, including municipalities, toward ensuring respect for their economic, social and cultural rights, especially at this particular juncture the Palestinian people faces.

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