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Al Mezan Center condemns the violent actions inflicted upon the Mayor and employees of Jabalia Nazla Municipality, and calls upon the PNA to put an immediate end to the state of insecurity.


In a latest degeneration of the state of insecurity and spate of violence against properties and institutions, a group of armed persons opened fire on the house of Mr.
Khalil Samara, Mayor of Jabalia Nazla, who previously received several threats to his cell phone.
According to the center's fieldworkers, the Municipality refused illegal requests made by citizens to construct on government lots; the citizens consequently demanded the Mayor to revoke the resolution which was issued by the Planning Department, and authorize the construction works.
On November 6th, at approximately 1:45pm, the group threatened and opened fire on the Mayor and Municipality employees, in course injuring Jameel Zaki Nofal, aged 31, who was shot in his right arm and chest.
Al Mezan Center expresses its grave concern and its solidarity with the Mayor and the employees of Nazla Jabalia Municipality.
The centre strongly condemns these violent acts and emphasizes that this serious breaching of the law, impunity of offenders and the lack of a thorough investigation, encourage the recurrence of such incidents and augment the state of insecurity.
Al Mezan Center therefore calls upon the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to open an investigation and bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice.
It reiterates its demands to the PNA to assume its responsibility to uphold land laws, punish those in breach of the law, and call upon members of the security forces to ensure that these laws be guaranteed.

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