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Al Mezan condemns the growing insecurity and calls on the PNA to provide protection to citizens


In a critical escalation of the state of insecurity in the OPT, a family dispute in Gaza has resulted in 5 dead and 30 injured, among them 8 children and 2 women.
According to the Center's fieldworkers, on December 1st at approximately 8pm, a violent fight broke out between two families in the North Gaza District of Beit Hanoun, killing 5 citizens and injuring 2 women, 8 children, and 30 citizens, 5 of whom are now in critical medical conditions.
Those killed are: Shaher Jameel Al Masri, aged 25 Al Sheikh Salah Mohammad Mohammad Al Masri, aged 47 Hussain Hassan Ibrahim Al Masri, aged 35 Abdel Salam Mustafa Ashour Al Kafarna, aged 50 Police officer Issam Assad Hewaihi, aged 27 National Islamic efforts and tribal interventions were attempted to end the fighting, although were unsuccessful.
The PNA, however remained silent with the exception of sending police forces to the scene two days later on the 3rd December.
Al Mezan expresses its sincere sorrow over the loss of these victims.
In addition, the Centre condemns the heightening levels of insecurity and the PNA's incapability to put an end to such feuds which are encouraging citizens to disrespect the law and take it into their own hands.
Thus, Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights calls on the PNA to take all necessary procedures to end the state of insecurity and the use of arms in Palestinian streets, and enforce the rule of law to guarantee stability and safety among Palestinians.

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