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Al Mezan Calls on Palestinian Government to Resume Suspended Salaries of Civil Servants in Compliance with Palestinian Law

05-03-2015 00:00

The Palestinian government is continuing a policy of suspending salaries of public sector employees in an arbitrary fashion.
According to information available to Al Mezan, salaries of 236 employees are suspended.
As no legal procedures are taken before the salary suspension, reasons behind the suspension seem to be based on political division that that affects the entire Palestinian political system and society.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights condemns the continuation of this policy, which constitutes violation of basic rights and freedoms.
Al Mezan demands a retroactive payment of salaries.
This policy is a reflection of the sharp political division that afflicts the entire Palestinian political system and society.
The salary suspensions in this case are illegal and violate the rights and freedoms protected under Palestinian law.
According to information available to Al Mezan, the Unity Government suspended the salaries of 236 employees from the security apparatus and forcible retirees who had taken the decision to resume work.
They found their salaries were suspended from December, without prior notification.
Al Mezan denounces the continuation of this policy which constitutes a grave violation of human rights.
This policy is not only considered as a violation of the employee's right to receive salary, but it also affects the standard of living of families and their right to live in dignity.
It should be noted that the Palestinian Civil Service Law and Palestinian Military Service Law have provided a set of safeguards to ensure that an employee has the right to receive salary, and it is inadmissible to suspend, restrict, or cut a salary arbitrarily.
Under the law, this is only permissible according to specific procedures, including an administrative investigation, allowing an employee to defend him/herself in case of the accusation of administrative or penal violations.
Al Mezan has received dozens of complaints on the suspension of salaries of employees.
These employees have not had charges brought against them, and there were no administrative investigations carried out prior to the suspension of their salaries.
Therefore, the employee does not have the opportunity to verify the reasons for this action, or to defend him/herself according to the law.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights expresses its outrage for this policy which causes the suffering of employees and contributes to the decline of the already deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.
Al Mezan demands a retroactive payment of salaries and benefits for the employees in accordance with the law.

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